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 Reapers Rugby Club Est. 2004
"Train Hard, Achieve Greatness"

The Reapers Rugby Club was established in 2004.  It began with a couple of players living in Lloydminster who had to travel to Edmonton or Saskatoon in order to participate in the sport of Rugby.  Shaine Wald and Scott Noble had the thought that there might be enough interest in the sport within Lloydminster to establish it's own club.  Advertisements were put on both the newspaper and radio for the first practice at Lakeland College.  Unfortunately, only two people showed up to the first practice, Shaine and Scott.  Without expecting too much, the boys decided to try again, the second practice had 8 people show up, the third had 14, and the Reapers Rugby Club had been established. 

For the first two years, the Reapers were a men's team that scheduled exhibition games between Alberta and Saskatchewan teams.  Chris Scramsted scored the teams first try during the first exhibition game against Cold Lake, and the team went on to get a victory in it's first game.  2006 was a big year for the growth of the Reapers.  The Reapers women's team was established and  the men's team joined the North Saskatchewan Rugby Union out of Saskatoon Division II.  The Reapers lost out in the first round of playoffs the first year of league play in Division II.  However, 2007-2009 the Reapers men's Division II team won 3 straight league and provinical titles.  The 2008 season was the Reapers perfect season going 14-0. 

In 2009 the Reapers had enough players on the men's team to create both a Division I and Division II team.  The Division I team had a phenomenal season for being it's first year in the league.  During the regular season the team was undefeated and suprising favorites to win the league.  The Reapers lost the final game.  The Division I men's team came back in their second season 2010 to win the North Saskatchewan Rugby Union League Championship.  They then went on to lose the final game of the provincial championship.  With 2013 NSRU league format changes, the Reapers mens team combined again into one team.

2015 started a new chapter in the Lloydminster Reapers Rugby Club History.  The Men join the Edmonton Rugby Union Men Division III and the women combine with the Cold Lake Penguins women to join the Edmonton Rugby Union Division II.

Much of the early success of the Reapers organization can be attributed to the dedication, hard work, and volunteering of time by many unselfish individuals.  Dean Murten, was posted with the British Army in Wainwright in 2004.  During this time he got involved with coaching the newly formed Reapers men's team.  Dean's posting concluded and in 2006 he returned to Lloydminster because he saw amazing potential in both the players and the city of Lloydminster.  Dean's continued drive to expand the exposure of Rugby to the local community has led him to coach and assist with different teams.  These include the U16 Saskatchewan Boys, U18 Sk Boys, and with the help of Lyndsay Ryall, they established and head coached the U20 and Senior Men's Wolverines in 2009. 

Many more Reapers members have been contributing back to the Rugby community in Lloydminster.  Steve Wytrykusz, Chris den Ouden, Chris Scramstad, Nicole Armstrong, Jo Tichkowsky, Stu Tichkowsky, Joel Bolton, Dwayne Lessner, Janet Hodgson, Dean Campbell, Ryan Lee, and Todd Wilson are all members that have found the time to play Rugby, as well as dedicate lots of thier time to growing Youth Rugby through coaching, managing and training Junior High, High School and the Mini Reapers organizations.

The Reapers are very proud of players that can take thier game to the next level through hard work, training and dedication.

Another one of our members has been making amazing strides in Canadian Rugby.  Monty Tichkowsky joined the Reapers in 2006.  In 2008 he recieved a scholorship from Shawnigan Lake High School, BC.  He continues to play Reapers club rugby in the summers.  Monty made the U18 Saskatchewan team which participated in the Canada games in 2009 and won 9 of it's 10 games.  He then continued on to make the U17 Canada team and participated in internationl play in 2010.  Most recently Monty was given an invite and try-out for the Canadian Men's Rugby 7's team!  The Reapers wish Monty all the best and continued success.  This shows how rugby can open doors to amazing experiences.

Dean Murten Reapers Rugby Club Head Coach 2006 - 2010
Dean Murten
"Train Hard, Achieve Greatness"

Dean was the head coach of the Reapers since 2006.  He first got involved with the club in 2004 while positioned in Camp Wainwright, and previously coached the a British Military team CIYMS RFC in Belfast.  Dean has a vision of growing the sport and introducing as many people to the game he loves as possible.  He not only coached the 3 Reapers teams but also found time to coach, U16 Saskatchewan Provincial team, U20 North Saskatchewan Wolverines, Sr. Mens North Saskatchewan Wolverines, and gets involved in Junior Rugby everywhere he can.   

  Reapers Rugby Women's Coach 2007 and 2011
Derek Megraw

Derek was born in Lincoln England and grew up in Belfast Northern Ireland.  He started playing school rugby at the age 11 and continued at the age of 19 with his British Army Squadron.  He played at the regimental level for 12 years, winning Royal Armoured Corps Cup and the Calvary Cup finals in 1990.  A career tight head prop who got a chance at playing a back position only twice and quote "thought how easy a position that was" seeing as how he didn't get involved in the play very much and never got put there again!  Derek moved to Lloydminster in 2007 and coached until Dean Murten took over the full club coaching duties in 2007/08.  Derek again agreed to take on the women's team coaching duties in 2011.  He ran top notch physically challenging practices, has a passion for the game and his no nonsense coaching style brought the best out of our ladies come game time. 

Monty Award
Monty Tichkowsky recieving a Reapers Award from Head Coach Dean Murten 

Reaper Women
Past Reaper Women

Reaper Men
Past Reaper Men