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Are you from out of town?

Over the last few years, the Reapers have had the benefit of playing beside many overseas players.  Whether it is on a travel or work visa, the Reapers will always try to accomodate and help out anyone that is interested in being a member of the Reapers organization and participating in the  sport of Rugby which is growing in the community of Lloydminster.

The City of Lloydminster has a population as of 2009 of 26,500 people.  What makes it unique to Canada is that it is located on the border of the Province's of Alberta and Saskatchewan, with 17,500 people residing on the Alberta side and 9,000 residing in Saskatchewan enjoying the benefits and services of both provinces combining to make a single city with a single municipal administration.  The economy of Lloydminster is based on the regions natural resources of agriculture, heavy oil, and gas reserves.  The success of these industries has been the catalyst for growth in other sectors such as service, retail, construction, transportation, and manufacturing.  In 2008 the Canadian Federation of Independant Business (CFIB)
had Lloydminster ranked #1 in Canada for best cities for small business success and growth.  With steady growth in Lloydminster, local businesses and farmers are always looking for hard working individuals.

The Rugby season in Alberta begins in the middle of May and concludes with playoff games in the first couple weeks of September.  Many players from oversees have used Lloydminster as there home base while traveling Western Canada.  Lloydminster is located between the two major cities of Edmonton and Saskatoon.

Please give us a call or send us an email, and find out how we can help you share in the Reapers Rugby experience.

WillieH Name:  Willie Hanson
Born:  Gisborn, New Zealand
Reaper: 2009 Season
About:  Willie was brought up in Hunterville in the province of Wanganui, New Zealand.  Played with Palmerston North Boys High and Manawatu during his school years.  Played club rugby for Varsity and High School Old Boys in Manawatu.  Most recently played with Mount Maunganui in the Bay of Plenty competition.  Willie found a job on a cattle farm outside of Lloydminster and contacted us from our website.  During the season Willie put up an impressive amount of points.  His final tally was over 100 on the season.
Quote: "Had an awesome season playing with a bunch of top lads.  Well organized and trained team who give it death on the field, enjoy playing open running rugby and know how to have fun off the field.  Wish the club the best as they continue to grow and generate impressive results."

HeathWebb Name:  Heath Webb
Born:  Sydney, Australia
Reaper: 2009 Season
About:  Heath grew up on a farm in Central West NSW Australia and describes it as similar to the area around Olds, with prairie country and mountains in the background.  Heath attended boarding school in Sydney and played rugby for his local team.  Heath found time to attend University and play for 6 different teams across the regional NSW and QLD.  In 2009 Heath left Australia to visit Canada where he found a job on a local farm and joined the Reapers Rugby Club.  
Quote: "I found the Reapers to be one of the friendliest clubs I have played for.  From day 1 I felt right at home with the warm Lloydminster hospitality."

KiliMikaele Name:  Kili Mikaele
Born:  Falevai Falelatai, Samoa
Reaper: 2009 - present
About:  Kili was born and raised in Samoa The Pearl of the South Pacific.  Kili played most of his Rugby for his hometown village of Falevai Falelatai.  Kili moved to Canada and has also played for the Medicine Hat Ogres.  After joining the Reapers, Kili quickly established himself as a dominant force in the NSRU.  With his size, speed, strength and competitive attitude teams find themselves having extreme difficulty containing him.  Kili has played a key role in the early success of the Reapers DivI mens team.
Quote: "The Reapers are an excellent team with unity and a true love for the game."

Ryan Lee Name:  Ryan Lee
Born:  Wales
Reaper: 2009 season
About:  Ryan Lee was born and raised in Wales.  Ryan played for his career with his local teams of Maestag Celtic RFC, Bryn RFC and British Airways.  He moved to Canada with his family in 2006 where he got involved with the Reapers youth programs.  In 2009 he decided to come out of retirement and help lead the Division II Men's team to a 3rd consecutive league championship.   
Quote: "I was really impressed with the rugby being played here by the Reapers and had to join.  Really enjoyed the 2009 season on the div II side.  One of the most commited sides I have been involved with.  Great training staff with an awesome bunch of boys and girls.  Keep up the good work!"