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2016 Reapers Rugby Club Online Registration

2015 Registration expires on April 30, 2015 !!!

2016 Reapers Rugby Club and Rugby Canada Registration Online

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Are you interested in playing Rugby?  The Reapers are looking for players in Lloydminster and surrounding area that would like to participate in local sport.  We have developed a strong base of participants that are excited to help and develop players that are new to the game.  The Reapers currently have a mens and  womens team that are always looking for more players. 

Joining a local sports team is an excellent way of gaining a sense of community involvment.  The Reapers take pride in the role that we can play in forming lasting friendships and the feeling of family away from family.  

 How do I Join?  You can contact one of our members on the Contacts page or you can show up to one of our training sessions shown on the Events/Training page.  In  order to play a game, Reapers Club Fees and Rugby Canada Insurance Fees must be paid prior to your first game.  

2016 Reapers Rugby Club Fees
  • You don't pay, you can't play
  • Dues are payable online only (Website has option of paying by credit card, debit)
  • Every member must be registered before playing in their first game of 2015
  • There is also a 15 day temporary player option that can be registered online for $35.00

 Mens And Womens Team Fee Breakdown

Reapers Rugby Club Membership Fee                             $107.50

Rugby Canada Dues/Insurance                                            $102.50

Rugby Alberta Dues                                                               $40.00


Total                                                                                     $250.00